Dr F**d Y***ni,DDS

Working with practice construction was a smooth process, I was walked through architecture drawings and asked for my inputs. I suggested some changes as per my taste then they updated the changes and asked for my approval of the updated design. My lease negotiations was still under process with the owner and we were ready with our design. Construction process was very smooth, I was updated of every phase. As we always discussed ahead of time for design and material so there was no change order. Cost of construction was very less so overall I’m happy with them and will recommend to my friends

Dr. Veer***der S**gh ,DDS

Practice construction has built 5 offices for me over the years. It is big relief that you know someone who is reliable and deliver Quality constructed office at reasonable price My experiences with practice construction have been very impressive. It is due to their commitment , responsibility, coordination, and efficiency that I keep coming back to them .They have always completed project under budgets and on time. I want to thank Practice construction for their assistance throughout the years. I strongly recommend Practice Services to anyone!

Dr. Sati***r Jaw***ha,DDS

My patients are always saying the office is ultra-modern and nice. Some say it's nicer than most dental offices! I appreciate the unique ideas Practice Construction presented during the first meeting. Great work overall!

Dr.Pa**m Na**ng, DDS

I leased a space in a plaza previously used as Radio shack I was nervous as I heard the horror stories of contractors. I wanted to hire someone who specializes in dental construction. A friend of mine recommended Practice construction to me. Balvir invited me to see 2 of the offices he recently built ,I was amazed by the quality and price to build those offices. I immediately hired Practice construction to build my office. As I was working as a dentist at another office while I was constructing my new office, I didn’t have much time to visit the construction site. Balvir updated me via picture and requested I come over for inspections at various stages so that If I want to change something it'd be less expensive. They have an in-house team of workers, and I like their quality.. When It came to choose finishes, they were accommodating to my choice. My office was completed in 2.5 months--I wasn’t expecting it finish in that time frame. It was smooth process to install Dental chairs as Plumbers from Practice construction were there when they needed to be! I had an anxiety-free experience overall. I’m happy with the design and construction of the office. I always get compliments from patients that the office is constructed so well. I cannot recommend Practice Construction more strongly. If you are looking for an experienced, efficient, and professional construction company to build, expand, or renovate your office, you have found the winning team!

Dr. Sum**t Ma**otra DDS

I would definitely recommend Practice if you're building a dental office. I'd say the main reason is the price. Simply, I looked into it, and they were the most affordable. Oh, and the work is of high quality, too. Great craftsmanship at a fair price is a good combination. When I first contacted Practice Construction, I didn't know what to expect. In fact, I didn't have a lot of expectations at all. I didn't really know that an office building could be built to specifications and to fit specific needs. I didn't think it through too much. And that's why I'm very grateful to Practice. They opened my eyes to a process that I couldn't have imagined. It's so great to have a construction company that brings you in on all sorts of details and technical specifications to make sure everything is right. They absolutely understand how a dental office should be designed and what makes one better than another. Big relief to me! The other thing is that as the process went on, I was constantly kept in the loop. To my pleasant surprise I was able to go in and inspect the progress as it went along. It was very clear to me that they were interested in getting things just right and not just getting the job done. Big credit to Practice Construction!

Dr. Mi***el L**GO

I am definitely very happy with the dental office designed by Practice Construction. Our waiting room is airy and open-feeling, perfectly designed. Our receptionists' work space was big enough to handle our growing files and additions of technologies. There's no doubt that the office I now have is better than my previous one. That's due to Practice having really expert pros doing their work. The details were all well done! Great job--I'd definitely work with Practice again.

Dr. Sh***i Bar**a

Practice Construction does great work. They designed a bright and modern space for our valued patients. Our waiting room is peaceful and big enough. Our patients sit in chairs in front of windows that overlook the big parking lot outside. I feel that the architectural skill of Practice Construction is really what makes them special. They gave us an office that is really special, with creative flair.

Dr. Dha**m T***l

I had a really good experience with Practice Construction. I appreciate how professional they are in terms of knowing how to do what it is they do. They're efficient, and the price and timeliness of their work is to be praised. It's always important and advantageous to have work done on schedule, since we've all heard horror stories of incredible delays. So thank you, Practice Construction.

Dr. Mu**l Sa**m

I can't say enough about Practice Construction! I love my office space and I really appreciate the way Practice got it to where it is. I never knew how involved the process was. It was really revealing to go through the planning phase and to participate in all phases of the construction. What Practice Construction does is to listen to their clients and draft a custom plan, not just some generic office space. They also take care of the details like making sure all codes and regulations are met. All in all, Practice Construction is set up to build dental spaces. They have a more complete and thorough process than others out there. Go with Practice or you'll be sorry!